Journal of Secondary Alternate Education

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1. “Thanks Dan for the issues. They look great and congratulations on your first sailing. I think you’ve found an important niche in the literature and that you are going to be very instrumental in bringing attention to this emerging area of importance.”—Thomas Fleming, Professor of Education, UVic, BC.

2. “Keep up the good work. You are on the edge of something that is very important, first to the way we conceive of schooling and, more important, to the way we make programs and services available to youngsters.”—Thomas Fleming, Professor of Education, UVic, BC.

3. "I must congratulate [Lukiv] on an excellent journal."—Dorian Love, ETONSA (South Africa).

4. "it is clear that this...journal...has a lot of potential. the idea is a very good one."—james horner, canadian content.

5. "We [Thomas Fleming and Helen Raptis (Professor of Education, UVic)] continue to think the work you are doing is important...Congratulations on the journal surviving the first two years. It is no small feat in this business and a credit to you. As I indicated before, the world is only now starting to turn to the importance of alternate provision, but it is turning…."—Thomas Fleming, Professor of Education, UVic, BC.

6. "Sounds good."—Victor Savicki, Professor of Psychology, Western Oregon University.

7. "Dear Dan,...Congratulations on your journal. It is good to see people working in alternate education choosing this work as a focus."—Rob Purgavie, President, British Columbia Alternate Education Association.

8. "Dan, I am interested [in the journal] and appreciate your initiative."—Duane Seibel, Department Head, Early Childhood Care and Education, Selkirk College, BC.

9. "Congratulations on the inauguration of your new journal."—Jeffrey Sugarman, Professor of Education, SFU, BC.

10. "A most interesting project."—Milton McClaren, Professor Emeritus, Education Department, SFU, BC.

11. "I applaud the [journal] and will circulate [information about it] to my students and former students in Northern communities of BC."—Allan MacKinnon, Director, Field Programs, Associate Professor, Education Department, SFU, BC.

12. "This sounds like a very stimulating and rewarding scholarly venture."—Wanda Boyer, Associate Professor, Education Department, UVic, BC.

13. "Sounds like a great idea...I'll share [information about the journal] with colleagues who might be interested."—Anne Marshall, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies, Education Department, UVic, BC.

14. "As the past editor of a scholarly journal I can tell you that you will find the effort both rewarding and challenging."—Yvonne Martin-Newcombe, Professor, Educational Psychology & Leadership Studies, Education Department, UVic, BC.

15. "Dear Dan:...I think the journal is a great idea...I look forward to seeing the work you are doing and helping in this area."—Kathie Black, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, Department of Education, UVic, BC.

16. "I was delighted to...learn about the new journal."—Jean Barman, Professor of Education, UBC.

17. "Dear Dan,...Your initiative is to be applauded."—Graham Riches, Professor and Director, The School of Social Work & Family Studies, UBC.

18. "An excellent project."—Peter Sexias, Professor of Education, UBC.

19. "I wish [Lukiv] much success with [this] interesting initiative!"—Hans G. Schuetze, Associate Professor, Education Department, UBC.

20. "Dear Dan:...The area you wish to write about is very needed in B.C. schools and I applaud your energy and commitment."—Wanda Cassidy, Assistant Professor, Director, Centre for Education, Law & Society, SFU, BC.

21. "I am very sympathetic to [Lukiv's] efforts to establish a journal about alternate education for secondary schools....All good wishes."—Selma Wassermann, Professor Emerita, Education Department, SFU, BC.

22. "I believe [the journal] will be of great help to our students and faculty."—Tracie Smith, Education Librarian, UVic Libraries.

23. “[Lukiv is] to be commended for taking on the challenge of establishing the journal for secondary alternate education which has not existed up to this point. This journal provides an excellent forum for dialogue and discussion around various issues pertaining to Secondary Aternate programs”—Ed Napier (Superintendent of Schools, Quesnel).